The Alleged Nicki Minaj Sex Tape

Ever since she became famous, many rumors have surfaced about Nicki Minaj. However, the latest rumor is probably one that will leave many people curious for more; the Nicki Minaj sex tape. According to the online rumor mill, the curvy rapper, singer and songstress actually has a sex tape that is being shopped around by unnamed people.

MediaTakeOut has a released a photo from the alleged tape of a topless lady. This photo shows a lady who resembles Nicki. What’s more, this lady is wearing one of Nicki’s famous trademark wigs. According to some sources, this sex tape was made before the star rose to fame. The tape is being hawked for about $100,000.

Well, this is definitely not such good news to Nicki who just released her first solo album in November. If the rumors are indeed true, Nicki will join fellow stars that’ve had their own share of embarrassing moments after nude pictures surfaced the internet. Some of these stars include Christina Aguilera, Kesha and Kanye West.

Nicki, unlike other artists, admires herself through the lookin' ass glass. Transfixed by her flawless curves in the latest instagram post, it seems as if she has been showing some restraint. Its no doubt if we had that figure, we'd be waving and smiling, in a pageant like manner, every time we looked in to the mirror. 

Further, she is playing it cool, with the #BlueSteel, "blank," face stare in the image. But, from her vantage point, at this point in time her goddess like figure, must be NBD as it is to us. We are hoping that she isn't trying to get rid of those five pounds, because it is truly unnecessary from where we stand, on the outside looking in. 

The back at it (#punz) caption, along with the black leather mommy getup, seems to imply she is still working on her latest video, Senile, along with Tyga and Lil' Wayne.
Nicki Minaj knows how to make an entrance, and her return from Mexico was no different. She and long term boyfriend Safaree Samuels landed in LAX on Friday, returning from Cabo San Lucas. She usually steals the attention, but the large diamond on the 31 year old's finger, was at the center of attention this time. Rumors began circulating when the couple posted an image on instagram, with matching rings earlier this month; over the trip in Mexico, the couple looked cozy spending a few days off together. 

Nicki appeared low key, with a pair of skinny jeans, cropped animal print jack, and boots; she work dark sunglasses, and glossy lip gloss to complete the look. Safaree also chose a casual look, with a Nike sweatshirt, trousers, a Kings hat, and sneakers. He had his hand in his pocket, making it unclear if he wore the same matching ring. 

In addition to her music, this coming April Nicki will appear on screen with Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton, in The Other Woman.

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